Equation Illustrator V

Equation Illustrator V 2.4

Create printable equations for school tests and reports with this program
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Equations and algebraic functions are very difficult to render on almost any text processor. This program is an equation editor that allows you to create compex equations and functions easily. It has a macro text file with many preset formulas ready for use. The formulas are divided into Chemical, Integrals, Brackets and Various. You can add those formulas that you use the most, so they are readily available, thus preventing you from rewriting them again and again every time you need them. The program also has pretty much the same functions, as a common text processor, such as Bold, Italic, Underline, and more. Also, you can edit the line style and colors, add geometrical shapes, and many other things. The program is not very easy to use, though, you need to spend some time learning all its funcitonalities, But once you become good at it, the program will prove to be very useful for you.
You can use the shareware version of the program 100 times. If you find it useful and want to use it longer, then you need to purchase the full version.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Useful for teachers and students alike


  • Not very easy to use
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